Shower Idea to A Global Brand

How To Convert Your Shower Idea to A Global Brand


– Have you ever gone through a path breaking business ideas while on trekking or during night out with your close friends??
– Or have you thought of a process which could ease out the stress you faced difficulties in??
– Or have you ever came across world changing ideas in your shower??

If you have been in any one of categories above and still not acted upon it..
I suggest you to continue reading, so that you get exposure to means and idea of how your idea can actually change the world and you can be a GLOBAL BRAND!!!!

Somethings take time to be real but they get real if you act!!
I have been in same place where multiple ideas have come and gone but never have acted upon it.. and now I have realized it and I am on path of taking some action.
Now I want to put a comprehensive plan for all of us, so that we don’t have one or two world changing ideas but a galaxy of it!!
I will take you through how your silly shower idea can be global brand one day.. by showing the ways to curate and nurture your idea, ways to mold your idea to best fit, create vision for it and ultimately the mantra to make it a GLOBAL BRAND!!

  • Curate and Nurture your Idea
  •  Mold you idea to beast fit
  •  Roadmap to make vision for your idea
  •  Mantra to make GLOBAL BRAND


Curate and Nurture your Idea

World changing idea will actually work when you change yourself, your thinking and your mindset!!
Success Mindset is actually the first tool to make something successful!

Thinking differently:

  •  Always try to find your own answers for something you think, check the facts and others opinion but just don’t blindly follow them, check thing outs yourself.
  •  Think from base principles, think long term.
  •  Don’t rush, keep patience.
  •  Take your shower idea, and study about it, try to curate it with your own answers and study findings.
  •  Take you idea and nurture it with the base principles and long term thinking.

Changing yourself:

  • Be the change you want.
  • Try to take you idea and visualize it in real world and position yourself in your idea. Say if your idea is product, visualize yourself using it, if its a process - visualize yourself in same process.
  • Nurture your idea then with the findings.

Positive mindset:

  •  Start with positive mindset, and this would be the motivation and your path to success.
  •  Try to be in good state of mind when thinking or studying upon your idea, meditate before working.

Dreaming Big:

  •  Where positive mindset is the first gate, dreaming big is the ultimate gate for your success.
  •  Believe in yourself and do dream BIG, to achieve the unachievable.


Mold your Idea to Best Fit

Do not be the number one, be the only one!!

When ideas come to mind, they are raw.. and after curating and nurturing your idea above, you need to mold it into the best fit for world!! How can you do it?
You can mold you idea by studying about the niche and becoming a leader!
Niche is nothing but a a specialized segment/category of the market for a particular kind of product or service.
Choose a best fit segment/category for your idea and try to fit your idea into it by innovating some parts now, that’s when you’ll have a unique selling point for your idea.
If category is wide and already has healthy competition, choose a sub category and try to mold your idea by innovating it more to fit in sub category.

Ultimate thing is to create USP for your idea, by innovating it and molding it to best fit.



Roadmap To Make Vision For Your Idea

Brain Dump:

  •  Write notes, put all things in your mind about idea on piece of paper!
  •  Put all you think and come across in mind about idea on a writing pad, and then find the best out of it.
  •  This helps your brain to rest and do important work of thinking more.
  • This will help your idea to actually materialize and make you work towards it

Learn, Do, Teach:

  •  Learn and study about your idea daily, find things already present and what are missing in world.
  •  Do the experimentation of innovation with your idea and put for testing, keep doing it continuously.
  •  Teach your close friends and family about the innovation you are doing, by teaching we learn more and innovate more, as we teach we realize something which sometimes miss by not sharing.
  •  This will help your idea mold into best fit.

Be Analytical:

  •  Measure things around and with your idea.
  •  Always make habit of measuring things in life and things which your idea is going to impact to.
  •  With numbers in hand, it will always help your idea improve more.


Vision :

  •  Visioning your idea into something for future is the best and important phase for the process of your idea turning into reality!

    “Make In India”, “Atmanirbhar Bharat”

    If you have felt proud of these tags above, they all are successful vision of our government.

    Vision makes great brands!



If you feel that your idea is small, nothing but trash.. the above process of curating, nurturing and molding your idea will give it wings.

Always remember, the storm that can uproot grass, can uproot any biggest tree!
Vision of your idea is nothing but a storm which will change your locality first and world later!
Wondering where is mantra to make it GLOBAL BRAND??

MANTRA is nothing but one process which will convert your product/service to a BRAND ..

As this has been already long article, I have covered about the MANTRA in second part - (coming soon)


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